The previous name of our company is JiaShan Flyer Clothing and Accessories Factory, which is founded in 2004 and main product is lace trims and lace fabric at middle class to high end level. It looks like a baby who wants to get more and more nutrient and knowledge, after going through 3 years, we has found the exactly way which is suitable to the direction of flyer company, so in 2007 our company has changed the name to JiaShan Flyer Lace Weaving Factory, which is good at the produce of lace and lace fabric.

In view of business growing up in these years, we have invested and set up another factory in 2010. It’s name is JiaXing SiSiYa embroidery Co.,Ltd. This is a very younger and stronger team with the development and design department, which can do all kinds of lace, lace trim, lace collar, embroidery lace fabric and so on…It can be helpful to expand our production ability. Also it is easy to control the quality and delivery date.

JiaXing perfect Lace Co.Ltd is established on 2012 year, the order of this company is to promotion our production to all of the China. We called it as “perfect” which means to do the lace to be more beautiful and perfect day by day. It dreamed that one day our sale office can be distributed all of the China. We can sale the lace directly to customer or buyer or agent, of course there is one sale man to follow all details that can help customer knows the production schedule clearly.

With the competitive market, more and more garments factory removed from China to South Asia and Southeast Asia, especially according to the increasing of export business, so we decided that from 2013 year, to develop the foreign business. So that we have bought the high standard office building,to set up a company with self-importation call jiashan rich textile co.,ltd, we are specialized in lace, button, zipper and all garment accessory. At the same time, we have set up an office in Dhaka which is the capital of Bangladesh. It is with advantageous geographic position. There is high speed rail station neayouren rby and take approx 20 minutes to HongQiao airport (ShangHai). This brings us so convenience in business and transportation with shanghai market.

In 2013 year, our company has contracted JiaShan BaiShiShun Dyeing factory, The No.6 production team. This is specialized in dyeing lace and lace fabric. We purchased many new dyeing machines and sample machine, in order to give the best support to our sales department.

There is tons of lace patterns, customer is not easy to find a suitable design. According to our experience and long time relations with our sub-contractors and other factories., we will communicate and co-operate each other in order to offer the best service to buyer, let them have their required lace in short times. The mainly aim is to pay attention in one thing that doing good job at lace or lace fabric. Your inquiry is so welcome.

We have a dream that one day we can be the most profession lace supplier all of the world, so we keep on going forward, to overcome all of the difficulty